2-DAY shipping is still required on orders outside of 1-2 day ground area since once the orders ship, they need to arrive cold and in a short amount of time to guarantee freshness.

So here’s how it works…
Your food needs to arrive fresh and cold, right?

UPS_ground_mapSmWell, Landi’s is a small store, not a huge warehouse, and they need time to take in the order, freeze the items you ordered (they are all fresh to start!), pack it and ship it.

That process takes a couple of days. Then the food needs to actually only TRAVEL for no more than the 2 days (UPS 2-day shipping)…hence the shipping time.

There is also a set handling fee which covers the cost of the reusable cooler and ice packs as well as their time to pack the order itself.

We have found that across competitors, the prices to ship fresh food from Landi’s are actually very competitive if not less expensive than most. If you’re not comfortable with this pricing/process, we understand, but we cannot offer much better at this point in time, but we’re always working on it!

At Landi’s Pork Store, we take great pride in shipping the freshest, highest quality Italian specialty food products to you, to every state across the country!

(We ship nationwide, please note that states not in the highlighted area will ship via UPS 2-Day Shipping. States with mixed delivery times will default to 2-Day Only.)


UPS Ground Shipping Map

In order to maintain our high standards, we will only ship food items via a minimum of UPS 2-day shipping for any state that is not within the 1 or 2 day Ground Shipping Zone.

This ensures that you will receive your items with the same level of freshness that we serve to customers that shop here in our Brooklyn, NY store.

When your order is received, it is processed and packed in a specialized Styrofoam cooler that is within a packing box. We include frozen ice packets with the items to ensure freshness when they arrive at your doorstep.

Your order can be placed right through the online store. We then carefully pack and ship your items to you!

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