Order Gourmet Ravioli Online

While it's easy to find canned ravioli in a supermarket aisle, it can't compare with handmade ravioli. Since you have to be pretty ambitious to try your own hand at making ravioli, the most convenient way to enjoy the rich taste of gourmet ravioli is by ordering it online from Landi's Pork Store. In addition to our homemade ravioli, we offer a broad assortment of homemade pasta dishes, including baked ziti, meat lasagna and cavatelli.

Prepare Gourmet Ravioli With Ease

We make both square and round ravioli and fill them with a blend of impastata, fresh mozzarella, other cheeses and seasonings. To complement the rich and creamy flavor of our gourmet ravioli, we offer selection of homemade Italian sauces online. If you want a base to which you can add your own favorite spices, meats or veggies, you might choose our plain tomato sauce. We also sell homemade marinara, tomato and basil, meat, fresh clam, and vodka sauce. In addition to our red sauces, we offer a homemade pesto sauce made with imported pignoli nuts and top quality parmigano reggiano cheese.

Our gourmet pastas and Italian sauces are just a small sample of the Italian cuisine we offer online. Using dry sausages like sweet sopressata or fresh meats such as our bracciole, you can put together a full Italian meal with our online offerings. You'll also find Italian cheese and side dishes in our store. If you have questions about our gourmet offerings, you can ask our staff by writing to landishelp@aol.com or by calling (718) 763-3230.