Italian Food Online

BrooklynPorkStore.com now makes it possible for you to order the highest quality of authentic Italian food online. If you have a craving for real bracciole, sopressata or Locatelli Romano, it's now possible for you to feed that desire no matter where you live. BrooklynPorkStore.com is the online branch of Landi's Pork Store, which has enjoyed a top-notch reputation for supplying Italian specialty food for more than 80 years. Now you can enjoy a taste of Brooklyn's best Italian food even if you live in the middle of the Mohave or the wilds of Maine. We deliver throughout the United States, even including Alaska and Hawaii.

Order Homemade Sausage and Other Italian Food Online

Landi's isn't known as The Sausage King for nothing. Our freshly made sausage options include hot and sweet Italian, chicken, fennel, cheese and parsley, pepper and onion, and broccoli rabe varieties. You can choose patties, links or rings, and your order will be wrapped in freezer-ready packages of a pound each. We also offer a variety of dry Italian sausages.

Sausage isn't the only Italian specialty food we offer, not by a long shot. You can order such classic Italian food online as ravioli, lasagna, chicken cacciatore and other entrees, or enjoy some of the 400 pounds of fresh mozzarella we make every week. It's our goal to bring you the best Italian food available, with outstanding customer service and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

For more information about ordering our exceptional Italian food online, please call 718.763.3230 or send an email to landishelp@aol.com.